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February 18, 2010

before & after

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My big kid is turning four this weekend, so I did a little shoot of him and used one for monica‘s blog hop.

I used cs4 to edit the image, and kept the final pretty simple, just fixing the color/saturation.  It’s going on the wall for sure!  🙂


February 17, 2010


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I love this idea I saw on this blog to make silhouettes of my kids.

Step one: take a picture of the person whose silhouette you want in front of a window.  You should NOT use a flash, and even if there are things outside it probably doesn’t matter.  It’s also not terribly important if the picture is a touch blurry.

Step two: I used ACR in CS4 to increase my exposure and blacks all the way.  I upped the recovery a touch so I wouldn’t get too much light on the top of their heads.

Step three: I did some small touch ups to get clean up some of the white background and converted the images to b&w, then combined them into one.  Voila!  I’m going to do some new shots so I can get some really really good ones to frame for my house!

February 11, 2010

Before/after blog hop

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I love this before and after blog hop by Monica at Pixel Perfect.

Here is my favorite photo from the shoot I did with my son a few days ago.  The SOOC jpeg isn’t even too bad, but I wanted to give it a different feel.

So I made it black and white and then ran an antique action.  I love it!

I use photoshop cs4 plus totally rad actions.

February 10, 2010

self portrait {contest}

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I saw this contest on Jamie’s blog this afternoon and thought it sounded like fun (and it was.  Also challenging!).  I took some photos of myself (which I am horrible at!) using my trusty old Canon digital rebel (since it has a self timer), a table (where is my tripod, anyway?) and my backyard.  Since it wasn’t against the rules, I did a little mash-up of three of my favorites.

location scouting {the lakes, thousand oaks}

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What I learned today: bringing your 17 month old toddler to scout a photoshoot location is only a good idea if you bring another adult with you, since between placing said sweet child where you want to shoot and then backing up to take said photographs the toddler tends to try to wander away.  That said, I got some cute shots of my son and found some really fun places for future sessions.  I already have plans to take some friends there in March for a couple shoot.  Here are a few of my faves. (most are in b&w…maybe it was the grey day that inspired me…)

February 4, 2010

Before/after blog hop

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I thought I’d join in on Pixel Perfect’s before and after blog hop.

The assignment: post a SOOC photo and then the edited version.

SOOC jpg:


I use photoshop cs4, Totally Rad actions, and UNO by Lauren Clark.

February 2, 2010

almost four!

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This is my almost-four-year-old son.  His favorite thing to say to me when I have my camera out? “I would like you to not take a picture of me.”  Well, at least he’s polite.  Sometimes I can get his non-fake smile out of him too.

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