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March 9, 2013

ari {newborn}

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I have been behind on the blogging!! This sweet baby was born at the end of January, and I got to meet him when he was 10 days old! His mama is one of my oldest dear friends, and I could not be happier for her.


















March 7, 2013

benjamin is seven {birthday party}

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I’m finally blogging my own child’s party! This little boy loves (LOVES) Star Wars, which makes his dad very happy. I found some great ideas on Pinterest, and I have a mom and mother in law who are helpful with my crazy ideas!

First, a couple handsome kid portraits! (Thanks to my mom for making the “B” shirt!!)



I had a lot of fun with the food!

The menu: Palpatine Pizzas (English muffin pizzas), Vader Veggies with Droid Dip, Boba Fruit, Wookie Cookies (I made star shaped sugar cookies), Light Sabers (pretzel sticks dipped in the colored candy melts from Michael’s), Tie Fighters (100 Calorie Pack Oreo cookies stuck to a mini marshmallow with melted white chocolate chips), Thermal Detonators (Whopper candy) with Bantha Blue Milk and Yoda Soda (1 pint lime sherbet and a 2 liter of Sprite) to drink. And we had to have Hoth Chocolate Cakes (just cupcakes with silver sugar on top). I found some free fonts online for the invitation, banner, cupcake toppers, etc (here and here).

DP0A2817 copy

DP0A2819 copy

DP0A2820 copy

DP0A2823 copy

DP0A2824 copy

DP0A2827 copy

DP0A2828 copy

DP0A2842 copy

DP0A2852 copy

DP0A2780 copy

DP0A2802 copy

DP0A2783 copy

Party favors: A bag with a Star Wars eraser, Space flash cards and 2 glow sticks (I found all of these in the dollar section at Target). We also gave each child an inflatable light saber (from party city) and a Jedi robe (made by my amazing mother in law).

DP0A2799 copy

My mother in law also painted this Yoda, who was a photo booth background and the “Pin the lightsaber on Yoda” game. We also played Star Wars Bingo (free printable here), did a Stormtrooper craft (free printable here), and played with Star Wars masks and toys.

DP0A2816 copy

DP0A2804 copy

DP0A2805 copy

The guests had a blast, as did the birthday boy!

DP0A2879bw copy

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